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A Straw Hat for Whether You Need a Shield from Heat or a Fashionable Touch

Every weekend it sounds like a big old party outside. All the people are out and about having fun, taking long walks, going on picnics, or doing anything that allows them to spend time outside with loved ones. But of course, to make sure that you’re safe from harmful UV rays, one has to wear at least a hat. Not everyone likes wearing hats but not wearing a hat isn’t an option if you want to stay safe and make sure your head stays protected. Many people enjoy wearing brimmed straw hats because they keep you cool while protecting you from UV rays and look great too. And your weekend doesn’t have to be dull with them.

A straw hat comes in numerous styles for all types of girls to ensure no one feels left out. Don’t you believe this? Let’s figure out what you prefer for your look or leisure time.  

Are you a beach girl?

When the summer heat is too much for your scalp, a cowboy hat should be your first line of defense. The straw hats in this style are as popular now as when cowboys herded cattle on driving trails west. Choose the one that represents the quality construction techniques and styles with modern materials. While they protect your face from sun heat, they also make you look sharp and comfortable throughout the day. And the good thing is you can wear them with your sundress or swimsuit. No matter how you pair it, you will be hotter than the heat on the beach. After all, you would want to cool down things a bit! So don’t forget to keep water and a juice bottle handy.

Do you like a classic summer style?

A straw boater hat is a classic summertime accessory for women. While the style has been around for decades, it saw its evolution in the 21st century with modern materials and construction. You want to dress up in a semi-formal outfit when you think of this hat. For example, consider pairing it with a sundress or maxi dress for a chic summer look. Or, go with it when you dress up in a tailored blazer and trousers. If you are in the mood to make a fashion statement in the sultry summer, pick a patterned or colorful outfit. Nevertheless, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your skin when wearing a straw boater hat, as the brim can be slightly narrower to provide full sun coverage for your face and neck.

Do you enjoy a flirty appearance?

While a fedora trilby hat is a classic style popular primarily with men, women can also flaunt one and look great. When you pair it with a floaty dress and heels, you add a touch of flirty fun to your look. Match it with a tailored suit, and you will have that sophisticated vibe to yourself. Or, you can imagine yourself in a bold avatar with this when worn with a crop top and a pair of high-waist shorts. You can even wear this style with jeans and a t-shirt to look your casual best. Essentially, no matter what you wear it with, a straw fedora trilby hat will lend a touch of class to your outfit.

Or, are you all about a cute style?

A floppy straw hat for women is a great summertime accessory. It can protect your face from the sun and look cute and stylish. When you pair it with a sundress, you set the tone of your casual look brimming with chic energy. You can instantly turn into a breezy vision when you flaunt it with a pair of shorts and a tank top. Even you can create a bohemian-inspired look with it in your maxi dress. If you’re serious about making a statement, wear it with a bold print dress and wait for the magic.

A large hat may overwhelm a petite frame, while a smaller hat may get lost on a larger body. Nevertheless, when it comes to this hat, it’s better to consider the shape of your face. A wide-brimmed hat will help balance out a rounder face, while a narrower brim will suit a more oval-shaped face.

In general, also, you can have a happy time with your straw hat if you get the basics right. For example, choose a hat that complements the colors in your outfit, regardless of the different styles. A straw hat with a black band can be a nice finishing touch to a monochromatic look. But when in doubt, go for a classic straw hat with a simple design. You can never be wrong about a timeless style. So, what is your preferred look? As it is easy to gather, straw hats are there to fulfill all your expectations effortlessly. You only need to select one that satisfies your needs.

Ethan More

Ethan More