Career Scope of Students Studying Folk Art Along with Hospitality & Tourism

Our country is full of different cultures and runs on the concept of unity in diversity. We can see this diversity in art in the forms of cave paintings, monuments, music, story-telling, sculptures etc. A long time ago, like many other options, this field was also not considered as a career option because there was no monetary benefit in this field. But due to globalization and the spread of internet connectivity every single corner of the world got connected and people from every corner of the world are praising and taking interest in these art forms of folk culture. People are getting attracted towards it and showing interest in it. Tourists and people who are affluent enough come to such states which are famous for tourism and pay for many folk things and art with good money. For example, Chikan embroidery of Lucknow is very famous all over the world and bangles of Firozabad are also very famous worldwide. Hence there are a lot of good opportunities in this field. There is so much to work with in folk art that firstly one can opt painting as a career in it. Though so many painters are there in India whose painting is famous, still many talented artists are there who are earning a handsome amount by selling their folk paintings online. One can study such paintings too via some universities who are famous for their fine arts like Lucknow university and BHU. Universities which are backed up with modern tools like the school management system and attendance management software are providing online classes also for such courses. This profession requires skills to sell the products. One can set up his/her own art gallery or studio and can sell these folk paintings online at a handsome price.

Every state and region in India has its own music which is called folk music of that region. One gets famous very fast with folk music and can get to perform overseas with a very good level of payment, one the hand gets a chance to tour many foreign countries too. One can be a curator by profession. This word curator has been discovered from curiosity, so this professional is always curious about anything related to folk art and collects them for museums, libraries and different arts organizations and they pay him a very good salary for this work. They deal with various artists, other collectors or donors who want to sell something special they have, apart from this he or she can work freelance also.

According to studies, the economy gets a boost in various career fields related to tourism and hospitality management like travel and lodging. As per the aspects of career development, one can get exposure in hotel industry, airlines, destination attractions, transportation, cruises, tourist services, travel agents etc. So, let’s see the benefits of studying hospitality and tourism for the students. This industry is people-oriented, there are many creative jobs available. People will be needing your services in the name of different jobs and you will have to be ready all the time tourists ask to help them and guide them throughout the journey. Due to such an uncertain schedule professionals like hotel managers, tour guides or travel attendants have to go through many different schedules and the days can never be the same. So, one gets to learn about different jobs in a single line. Many students study tourism and hospitality due to different reasons and travel is one of them so that they can get to go to the foreign countries. Sometimes their dreams of travelling abroad also gets completed but it may always happen that is not necessary but still one gets to travel the whole country and comes across many different cultures and traditions all over India.

There various career opportunities connected to hospitality and tourism industry generates different kinds of other skills also and give the chance to try career some other fields also like one who has gone through tourism jobs whole life, when he or she writes his or her memoir then it becomes a travel book and one gets a new career of travel book writing. Educational institutions which are focused to renovate their education system are inducing such modern courses and are opting for modern tools like school information management system and attendance management software also. Through travel and tourism students get to know each other’s country’s traditions and cultural difference and diversity and whenever they come to any place in India they come to know about that place and its speciality then being guided to them and other people who had come in the past related to them makes you a part of their legacy.  In jobs related to tourism and hospitality management you meet daily countless people related to different countries and languages which improves the linguistic skills of yours and you become knowledgeable beyond the imagination. Having so much knowledge about so many cultures you can become an awesome guide to the tourists and can be popular too for your services.

Ethan More

Ethan More