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Outdoor lighting: Expectation vs Reality

Outdoor lighting does look heavenly only if it’s carried out the right way and believe us when we say it’s not an easy task. Outdoor decor is an essential aspect of your home that is usually neglected. Your outdoor recreational area deserves equal attention as much as your indoor decor, be it a lounge, a deck or a patio or whatnot. 

A perfectly illuminated and well-decorated outdoor setting accentuates the energy of your fabulous abode as well as makes it complete effortlessly. Now, perfect illumination in outdoor settings can be quite tricky since you have to highlight every important element of the decor and eliminate every lighting fixture that is too loud or glary for your taste. We tell you how to decorate your outdoor setting and how it’s nothing like what you imagine. 

Outdoor hanging lights 

Outdoor pendant lighting or outdoor chandeliers are a boon when it comes to giving your space a distinct flair. They offer an exceptional ambience to the place and also help set the tone for the place. Any chandeliers or pendant lights can help you add a contemporary, modern, or rustic feel to the space. 

But here’s where the problem strikes. You need a sturdy structure to hang a chandelier or a pendant light in your outdoor space. You not only have to make sure that the design looks good but also see that the electrical fittings are properly concealed so that they dont pose a threat to your security. Finding a safe electrical source in the outdoor space is the utmost priority. 

Additional outdoor house lights 

You have to enhance the functionality quotient of your outdoor space to perform a number of tasks like office work, cookout, or if you want to turn the area into a recreational space for the night. A lamp is bound to do the job, be it wall lamp, table lamp or floor lamp. These fixtures will beautifully complement your outdoor house lights. You can also highlight any particular element of your outdoor space by using accent lighting. You can complement the ambience of your space with a few accent lights quite brilliantly.

Now, the issue with installing these lighting designs in your outdoor space leads to the chances of them eroding out pretty fast or bad weather messing up their functionality and eventually durability. You have to be extremely careful with the way you place your fixtures across the outdoor space. When the weather gets rough, you might have to cover all your lighting designs or place them elsewhere for a while or they might get severely damaged.