scotch moving tape

I live in a small apartment in downtown Chicago, so it’s not like I have to drive anywhere (I’m lucky enough that there’s no traffic here). The reason I use this tape is because it moves my belongings so effortlessly and without me having to think about them, so it’s not a big deal. I’ve heard some people swear by rolling tape over their belongings, but I’m not that person.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but tape does move itself! If you’re still a skeptic there is a video of it being used as a “scoop” in the video below. You can also take it to your local Staples and have it automatically moved to a drawer.

Ive heard it’s a decent trick, but I’m only using it for the video above because it moves your belongings so easily, so it doesn’t bother me. I only use this in the video above because I don’t think it’s a good thing to be using this as a trick.

But if youre a skeptic, then you might be wondering how something that sounds so good and makes your life so much easier can actually be harmful. What if you accidently break it? What if someone else finds it and uses it in a prank? How could you ever get it back? Let me tell you that if you break it, you can put it back together, but you cant move your possessions.

Any number of video game-based activities help you move items from one place to another. But you can also do it with tape. You find you can use the same tape to move a car, an airplane, or even a house, and it works just like the typical tape. No more moving it from one place to another, no more getting stuck in the middle of someone else’s move.

Tape is one of those things that many people have no idea how to use. Many of us who have no idea about tape can move your car, but we can’t move the tape. Why is that? Well, the old way to move the tape was to fold up the tape and lay it on a surface and make the tape come out. You have to do this with a car, and with an airplane, also.

Well, actually, when you turn on your tape player, it doesn’t come out, it gets stuck in the middle, and then you have to push the tape away and then move it around until it comes out.

Well, thats all fine and good, but it doesn’t work on tape.

The good news is that tape players are a little easier to use than car tape. And because tape players are usually installed into your car without you even noticing, the tape players are easier to move by accident. The bad news is that tape players only come with a few preset songs, and they don’t really change the way you move the tape, just the way you play it.

Tape players are like those plastic playing cards. If they are broken, you cant play them anymore. So if your car doesnt have tape players, I think you would need to find a way to move them yourself.






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