Most Popular Crystals to Have in Your Bag

Apart from being astonishingly beautiful and bringing aesthetic value to your décor, there are numerous reasons to buy crystals. They have been used for centuries for healing physical wounds accessing your chakras, and cleansing body toxins. They are great gifts of nature and support in your life.

Are you ready to Shop For Crystal but need clarification about which crystal offers what? Here you have information covering the most popular types of crystals to look for in Sydney when shopping for crystals. These precious stones are used for various purposes.

Why Should You Buy Quartz?

Quartz is usually transparent and comes in various colours, although most people associate it with quartzite, an ordinary stone. Often compared to a human body, it is considered a very grounding stone. It helps you get grounded in the present moment and calm your thoughts about the past and future. 

Moreover, it is believed to activate the grey area of your brain, responsible for making decisions and integrating your subconscious with your conscious mind. It also amplifies creative thinking and encourages you to be open-minded about new ideas.

Rose Quartz or Rose Cubes?

Rose quartz is an excellent all-around crystal, but it is said to be more nurturing and calming than the common rose quartz. It is believed to have a positive vibe, especially towards relationships and careers. 

Why Should You Keep a Governing Stone?

Governing crystals have a specific function in your life, and they help you explain the purpose of other crystals in your bag. 

For example, you may keep an amethyst in your bag as your governing crystal because you want to clear negative energy from your home, or you may own clear quartz in your bag to clear your aura, as your governing crystal will help you explain why you’re doing so.

Which Crystals Should You Carry With You?

As mentioned above, various crystals have different uses, and tracking them cannot be easy. Here are some of the most standard ones that you may want to keep in your bag: – 

  • Black Tourmaline: This crystal is known for balancing masculine and feminine energies.
  • Turquoise: This crystal helps you stay centred and calm in times of stress. 
  • Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is popular and also one of the most opted crystals known for its nurturing and enriching properties. 
  • Clear Quartz: This crystal is known for amplifying your life’s good vibes and unblocking any energy blockages in your aura. 
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: Watermelon tourmaline is one of the few pink crystals. It is one of the most adaptable crystals you can keep in your bag, as it can be used for purification and manifestation. 
  • Amethyst: Amethyst encourages energy flow in your life and reduces stress, mainly if you keep it in your home or work.

Final Words

Crystals are one of the most promising and intriguing forms of alternative medicine. They have been used since ancient times as a power source or decoration. 

Some people believe that crystals improve your vibes if you keep them next to your bed or place them under the pillow when you want to sleep better. Others say that rubbing crystals clears your aura unblocks chakras, and amplifies your emotions and thoughts. Whatever your reason or belief, you can now easily Shop For Crystal in Sydney with the information mentioned above. 

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