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Things You Need To Know About Bridal Bouquet

If you are going to choose a flower bouquet for a wedding, make sure that you give them something that will match the wedding gown. With so many arrangements of bouquets available, it might be difficult to decide the best one for the wedding. You must be familiar with the different types of wedding gown silhouettes like Empire, A-line, Mermaid, or Ballgown, but you are less likely to know that there are many different types of bridal bouquets too. We feel that the same flower combination will look the same on different bridal arrangements but that is not the case as the same flowers will look different on different bridal arrangements. The shape of the flower arrangement is very important, especially in the bridal bouquet.

If you are not familiar with bridal flowers and bridal arrangements, then it can be very difficult to choose the shape of your bridal bouquet. You must make sure that you choose the flower combination and shape that goes well with the theme of the wedding. A heart-shaped bouquet will look fantastic if the wedding theme is love. If the wedding is modern and minimalist, then a heart-shaped bouquet will look like fish out of water. In that type of wedding, a cascade-shaped bridal bouquet will look great. If you are invited to a formal wedding party, you should neither present a heart-shaped bouquet nor a cascade-shaped bridal bouquet as they will not be appropriate. So, one must be careful when choosing the shape of the best bridal bouquets. For a formal wedding party, pageant bouquets are the best option. When going to a casual wedding such as beach and garden weddings, a loose organic bouquet is a good option.

No matter what type of wedding theme you choose, you will find a bouquet that matches the theme. You can take the help of a good florist as they can suggest to you the type of bouquet suitable for the wedding theme and gown. With so many types of best bridal bouquets available, you should know about the 5 popular wedding flower bouquets.

1. Round Bouquets – It is one of the most popular choices for brides. In this bouquet, flowers are arranged in a round shape. It has a traditional look but many brides prefer it over other bouquet arrangements. One of the best things about this bouquet is that it can be used in formal as well as casual weddings.

2. Crescent Bouquet – The flowers are arched from the center and tapered at the ends and are suitable for formal weddings. Since many brides love crescent shapes, they are among the best bridal bouquets.

3. Pageant – This type of bouquet consists of long stems arranged in a fashion to fit into the bride’s arm. Beauty queens carry this type of bouquet and it can be used in formal and casual weddings.

4. Cascade – It is also known as a waterfall. It is made in an arrangement where there are more flowers at the base of the bouquet which slowly tapers along the height of the bouquet.

5. Heart – This type of flower arrangement is very common and is used widely. The flowers are arranged in a heart shape with only 1 or 2 types of flowers.